A Few New Beauty Things I Love

Hey friends! Today I’ve decided to share with you a few of my new (and rediscovered) beauty products that I have been loving. As of this month I have been trying to take better care of my face. I used to be very religious in terms of taking care of my skin by treating it with face masks, etc. I guess being a college student really took me away from that and I had a hard time keeping up with it. Like I said, recently I have realized that this is the only face I have and I need to take better care of it. I have to wash my face before bed and I have to start using a proper moisturizer, etc. There are some new make-up bits that I have been loving as well. By treating my face with more care, I’ve enjoyed applying make-up to my happy skin and thus splurging on a few things I didn’t really need (it hurts me to say this). Here are a few pictures of the products that I have been loving!


  1. The Face Shop Face Masks: During my first and second year in college, I tried The Face Shop face masks and I loved them. I found one that I had kept for a while and finally used it. After using it, my love for them was rekindled! I had to buy more. My boyfriend may deny this, but he tried one and enjoys them as well ha-ha. (If that isn’t enough encouragement, idk what is!) I just find them really soothing and I realized how affordable they are. For a pack of 15, I paid $20. If you buy them individually, they’re $2 each. I only really use one a week so that is like three months worth of face masks for $20. I don’t think that’s terrible, do you? It’s a cute and affordable little luxury for your face so I don’t see anything wrong with it!
  2. The Body Shop Soothing Night Cream: I use a daily moisturizer and have found that it doesn’t really combat the cold air as much as I would like. I’ve been getting dry patches (another reason to dislike Winter) and it really irritates me and my skin. Since my daily moisturizer wasn’t quite doing the trick, I bought a night cream that soothes and moisturizes my skin SO MUCH. I love it. It has a bit of a cooling effect that really helps to bring my skin back to normal. I am not really experienced with night creams, so I’ll admit that I am a bit of an amateur. However, this $24 night cream from The Body Shop has really impressed me.
  3. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment: This was a splurge. I admit it! This eye cream was $36 but I think that is about the average price for an eye cream. Now I know some of you are like, “ALANNAH. You’re 22, you don’t have wrinkles and therefore don’t need an eye cream, you fool!” You’re right, I don’t have wrinkles and perhaps I am too young to start wearing a eye cream. However, what is wrong with wanting to start early? The skin underneath your eyes is very thin and delicate. It needs plenty of moisture to stay strong and healthy. If I take care of them now, what I think, is that my eyes may age a little better? Don’t laugh. Although I’m laughing right now. I just want to age nicely ok?!! I have a genetic history of bad eye bags/under-eye circles. If I can prevent that gene from being passed on.I’m gonna do it! Please don’t lose respect for me though lol.
  4. CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara: This mascara needs a halo over it in my picture. I’m not a photo editing wizard so I didn’t do it, but I’m telling you there should be a halo there ha-ha. Backstory: MY EYELASHES SUCK. I was cursed with eye lashes that are short and straight. Every mascara I have used until now has not helped me at all. My younger sister pulled out her eyelashes (every single one of them!) when we were kids and they grew back beautifully! Long and curly! I am so jealous that I wish I could go back and do the same. Like I said, none of the previous mascaras that I used worked out for me. They either did not hold a curl, were too clumpy, too long and straight, or transferred onto my skin/lash lines and made me look like a raccoon. CoverGirl’s Super Sizer mascara in waterproof is a godsend. I have finally found the formula that is right for me. Not only does it hold a curl all day, but it does not transfer onto my skin because the waterproof formula is AMAZING! (I honestly have trouble getting it off when washing my face before bed sometimes.) If you have similar problems when it comes to mascara, I highly recommend this one. Try it.
  5. MAC ‘Runway Hit’ Lipstick: This is the pinker lipstick of the two. I got a little excited for Spring and Summer when I bought this lipstick but I love it all the same. I never used to wear anything but “your-lips-but-better” lipsticks. This lipstick makes me wanna branch out. I love it! It is the perfect peachy-pink for my skin tone and I will definitely wear this more and more as we get closer to Spring and Summer. I also love the matte finish.
  6. MAC ‘Whirl’ Lipstick: This lipstick is also one with a matte finish. I was inspired by YouTubers Cassie and Ricci from ToThe9s. It’s definitely one of those trendy lip colours that I’m sure you’re all aware of. I think it kind of pays tribute to the 90s trend right now? Probably the closest thing I’ll get to a Kylie Lip Kit LOL (*heart cries). Anyways, I’ve been wearing it almost every day. Some days I kind of feel naked without it!
  7. Essie ‘Cute as a Button’: As mentioned earlier, I’ve kind of got that Spring fever. Essie’s ‘Cute as a Button’ is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. I definitely gravitate towards it the most, which is why I just recently bought a new bottle bahaha. There’s not much more that I can say, just that I think everyone should have this colour in their collection – it’s lovely!
  8. MAC Turquatic Perfume: Okay. Let me start by saying that I have been forever wanting to get my hands on Chloe’s ‘Love Story’ perfume/fragrance. I think and hope for it to be my signature scent. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to buy myself a perfume at all. I was so generously given this perfume by MAC from my cousin. It is MAC’s ‘Turquatic’ and I’m really quite enjoying it. A few people have told me that it suits me and that is always a pleasure to hear. I’m not quite sure whether or not I will repurchase it but I’m definitely going to keep wearing it until the day Chloe’s ‘Love Story’ is in my hands. I’m not that good at describing scents so I’m going to have to let you smell it for yourselves at your nearest MAC counter. It’s really nice. Give your nose treat.

As for the latest issue of Teen Vogue, I thought I would include it in the photo because it fits into the ‘Spring fever’ theme I’ve kind of got going on.. and it’s aesthetically pleasing? I hope?

I also hope you guys enjoyed this new blog post. If you’d like to see more posts like it, or have any recommendations on what kind of blog post I should write next, please let me know in the comment box below! Love you guys! Thank you for reading!


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