My Top 5 Favourite Bloggers

Hello everyone! I’m back this week with a different kind of blog post. Today I will be sharing with you my top 5 favourite bloggers. Basically, the five bloggers that I follow religiously (slash stalk). Many of you who are fashion junkies, like myself, probably already know these bloggers or have heard of them. But maybe to some of you these names are unfamiliar. If they are, that’s great! You’ll learn about some new bloggers and can start stalking them too! YAY. All five of these bloggers are insanely stylish and if you are unfamiliar with a few of them, you should definitely check them out!

On to my list!


1. Man Repeller – Leandra Medine

I won’t judge or anything but if you haven’t heard of “The Man Repeller”, you must be living under a rock. She’s so funny and witty, and her book is amazing! I love her sense of humour and her style is equally terrific! There really isn’t much to say about her, she’s like a super fashion blogger. Godly. She’s a real inspiration!


2. Natalie Off Duty – Natalia Suarez

Natalia is a model and her blog is typically full of the outfits that she wears when she’s “off duty” (go figure!). I’m obsessed. She has great taste and I just love her overall look. I aspire to dress more like her. Like Leandra, she isn’t afraid of patterns or colour and no matter what the combination, her outfit looks amazing.


3. Song of Style – Aimee Song

I follow Aimee on snapchat and I have to say that her personality really surprised me. Her looks are always polished and sophisticated. You wouldn’t guess that she’s a complete goofball. Her snapchat account is “songofstyle”. She’s really cool and although I loved her style before snapchat, her personality makes me love her more.


4. Fashion Toast – Rumi Neely

I find that Rumi is probably the one out of these five that I would dress like the least. She dresses a bit more provocative, but it’s still tasteful ha-ha. I love her style, she’s very girly and flirty. Super cool. She has her own clothing line and I quite like it. Her pieces look simple and of great quality.


5. We Wore What – Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein was my most favourite blogger but I think my style has evolved. I can no longer relate to her, although I will always love her blog. I still share a love of overalls with her too. Her pictures are some of my favourite and I religiously watch her snap stories lol.

This concludes my top 5 favourite bloggers. If you guys have any blogs you want to recommend, I’m always down to check them out. I love learning new styles and seeing different tastes. Fashion is a lifestyle! Actually though.

Anyway, that’s it for today! Until next week, I hope you have a fabulous weekend! For those of you who are approaching the end of their semester/the most stressful part of the semester, I feel you. Good luck and I hope you guys have a blog to help you de-stress like I do ha-ha.


  • A xo

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