Back to Black

Hey friends! I’d like to begin by saying that these are probably some of my favourite shots taken by Joanna Dass ( You can never go wrong with an all black attire. I always go back to black. I love this dress, not because its light and versatile, but because it has pockets!! I love pockets. The boots that I’m wearing are a new obsession. Months ago I probably wouldn’t have even given these boots a second look because I can’t do heels. However, as I’m getting to an age where heels are becoming more appealing, I decided that these boots would be a great “step”. They’re called “sock boots” and very in season. I would love a brown pair, maybe a suede pair, I don’t know ha-ha. Maybe one pair is enough..  I’ve finally worked them in so I’ve been wearing them quite a lot! With denim, with skirts, and of course, with dresses. Everything I’m wearing is from Topshop (go figure). Now take a look at these pictures!!!!!!!AB_6 AB_7  AB_9 ABS_-37     ABS_-42  ABS_-44    ABS_-48

Dress, Leather Jacket, Boots – Topshop

All photos were taken by Joanna Dass Photography**

Hope you guys are all having a fantastic Friday so far! Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend! ❤

A xo

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