Shades of Summer

I’m back! I’m back! I’m back!

Work placement is complete and I am back to school in a week. This means that I’ll have the time to make blog posts! I MEAN IT! This summer did not go as planned. I did not expect to be so overwhelmed/busy. Don’t be offended because I literally had no time for anything. This summer was all about eating, sleeping, and working (50hrs a week).. with the occasional downtime (when I’d stay in bed). This week I booked time off from work and plan to enjoy what little there is left of summer! Don’t worry, I’m planning on sharing my outfits ;D

But for now, here is an outfit that I wore a while ago but never had the time to share.

DSCN22320 DSCN22390 DSCN22420 DSCN22460 DSCN22490

Top – Forever21 | Shorts – H&M | Sneakers – Converse | Bag – Mackage | Sunglasses – Topshop

I wish I had more summer looks to share, but this will have to do. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

See you all again soon 😉

A xo

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