May Inspiration 2015

It’s like the last week of May. One out of four months of my summer is almost over. It needs to slow down!! My inspiration for this month is very similar to last month’s. Still loving denim, still loving the front button up skirt, still loving sneakers, still loving suede, and still loving the 70s. Something new is my liking to the idea of wearing “joggers”, but like socially acceptable/fashionable joggers. They look real cute with sneakers and a nice crop top or tank. Very casual.



tumblr_nnftsp1gRz1rsuch2o1_540tumblr_nnknrkMf751smw1wso1_540tumblr_no99yrplep1rsuch2o1_540tumblr_no9a7s2mdq1rsuch2o1_500tumblr_no92e16wk41rsuch2o1_540tumblr_no9489fMFb1rsuch2o1_500Hope you guys have enjoyed your May so far! Here’s to making the last week of May count haha!

Until next time!

– A xo

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