Style Stalking: Gigi Hadid

I have plenty of style icons. I love to observe the personal style of others. Is that creepy? I have always been particularly fond of Gigi Hadid. Not only is she friends with another one of my favourite icons (Kendall Jenner), but she’s dating (or dated?) Cody Simpson. I think they’ve broken up just recently.. I’m not a particular fan of his music but I think they’re an adorable couple (they should really re-think this break up). I’m weird like that. Besides the fact that she’s gorgeous, a model and has the coolest group of friends, she’s got style. Here are some of her looks that I love:

tumblr_nl0bjtcwAg1tdxwrco1_540 tumblr_nm7zblrlF61tdxwrco1_540 tumblr_nmk58213wa1tdxwrco1_540 tumblr_nml9d17Lev1tdxwrco1_500 tumblr_nml9j9olec1tdxwrco1_400 tumblr_nnc02q22gF1qcc2gvo1_540 tumblr_nmrnpbRg1M1qh9n5lo1_540 tumblr_nmrl33n1XH1qh9n5lo1_540 tumblr_nmoud8wmlo1tdxwrco1_540 tumblr_nmn3ypZCQG1tdxwrco1_540



Do you guys have a specific style icon? Is there a specific someone who’s style inspires you most?

I would love it if you’d let me know in the comment box below xo

– A

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