Current Obsession: Platform Sandals


Hello everybody! If you can’t already tell from the photo and title above, I have a current obsession with platform sandals. Being tiny (also known as: short or 4’11”), I need all the height I can get!! Not only for my sake, but for my boyfriend’s sake! He’s like a foot taller than me.

I am so glad platform sandals are “a thing” now because they’re easy to walk in, they’re comfortable and they give me the height I need. Here are some sandals that I was attracted to while browsing Polyvore. A lot of them cost an arm and a leg, but a girl can dream. I am particularly attracted to the lace-up sandals, although they could potentially become a pain in the butt to take on and off.. What do you guys think of the platform sandal? Too chunky for your liking? Sticking with the Birkenstocks this summer? Are you a flip-flop kind of gal?

Let me know in the comments below xo

– A

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