What’s In My Bag?

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Here’s a different post for you guys!! What’s in my handbag? Honestly, how did this begin? Also, did you think this would take off as well as it did? I’m a little surprised but I’m glad I’m not the only nosey person around here!

Anyway, here’s my bag and all the EXCITING contents that I carry inside it *sarcasm*. I’ll start off with my bag. It is a recent purchase (#smh) and it’s by the Canadian designer label ‘Mackage’. I first saw it in Club Monaco and couldn’t stop thinking about it – we are soul mates (*bag addict/freak*)! She can carry everything and I can depend on her for almost anything. What a lucky girl I am ;D

Inside my purse I carry my tiny black Kate Spade wallet and my Louis Vuitton pouch thing (it carries lip products, a mirror, tide-to-go, band-aids, perfume, and a pen). There’s my work lanyard with a cute monkey sticker on it. A pack of my favourite gum is always in my bag (77cents at the dollar store!). I usually carry whatever book I’m currently reading so I can whip it out whenever I’m on the bus or the streetcar. The book I’m reading at the moment is “The Boys of Summer” by Roger Kahn. I have my keys on a black fluff-ball keychain-thing. It’s probably the closest I’ll get to one of those $2000 Fendi fluffy monster guys that are SO CUTE. I also carry a hair tie to keep my mane tamed. The two lip products that I have been loving lately are my Neutrogena lip balm and my MakeupForever lipstick in shade #10 (it’s the perfect pink-nude color for my lips). I think I’m never going to have to buy another lipstick again, as long as they don’t choose to discontinue this one. I looove it! Last but not least is a wee candy that I got when I went out for pho with my friends from work. The packaging is so cute that I can’t get myself to eat it! I’m a sucker for cute packaging – I get it from my mother. I’m just going to keep it in my bag forever.

So that’s all that I carry in my purse. I realized afterwards that most of the time I have a pair of sunglasses in my bag, but I guess I didn’t have any on me when I took the picture. Hope this satisfied your nosey needs!

Take care and TTY NEXT TIME XX

– A

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