Current Obsession: Quay Sunglasses

Quay Sunglasses, pronounced “key”, are my latest addiction. I’ve been seeing them EVERYWHERE. Celebrities, bloggers, youtubers, people I follow on snapchat, etc. THEY ALL HAVE BEEN WEARING THEM LIKE MAD! I honestly feel like there’s a new craze.. OR I’m just slow and realizing it now. I really like how unique they are and how good they look on everyone I see wearing them. I just recently got a pair of the “Frankie” sunglasses by Quay Australia. I thought I would never get my hands on a pair until my friend sent me a picture from @fashiontruckcanada’s Instagram account. They had posted this past weekend that they just got them in stock. I really wish you guys were there to witness this because I was literally dancing in my living room. I did everything I could to get my hands on a pair. I was visiting my family and was therefore out of town, so I couldn’t go downtown and snag them right away. So I e-mailed them, tweeted them, commented on their Instagram photo and they got back to me! I had such a memorable experience with them. Throughout this past weekend I was talking to Ashley (one of the owners of FTC) and she sent me photos of all the sunglasses they had in stock and gave me her opinion on them to help me choose. To top it all off, she even personally delivered them to my doorstep! When I came home from my visit with my parents, THEY WERE RIGHT THERE! This happened within a span of like two days.. It was awesome! I’m still smiling (*loser*).

Here’s my face wearing my Frankies:


Here’s the pictures that I have collected of other people wearing Quay Sunglasses (*loser*):











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