Currently Craving 02/14

Currently Craving Feb. 2015

It’s that time again. I have an urge to splurge!! If I could splurge, here are the things that I would get my hands on. I’ll start with the top left corner. Recently I have ventured into the world of the bralette. I bought a bralette AND THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE. I’ve seriously been missing out. I bought one in a nude shade and I love it so much that I think I want another one, but in black. Beside the bralette is this shirt dress that I have seen in many different stores lately. They’re not all similar but they all have the same idea. It’s basically an oversized dress shirt. There is one at Topshop but it’s awfully big and I know that I’ll be able to find a more affordable version somewhere like Forever21. Next are two Topshop items that have been haunting me at work. Honestly though, I can’t decide whether working at Topshop was a good or bad idea. It almost feels like my paycheques are going right back to the company.. Oops. This ribbed and cropped sweater is a fantastic layering piece and it’s light enough that I could probably pair it with skirts in the Spring. The jeans are easy. I want them because I don’t have a pair in this wash that fits me as perfectly as the rest of my Topshop jeans. I’m obsessed. The fact that the length and the fit is so perfect on me, I really can’t say no. It’s hard for little ol’ me to find clothes that fit, and jeans are essential! Next is the backpack. Oh me. Oh my. I really want a leather rucksack-ish backpack. I have a cute backpack but it’s white and structured. I want one that’s black and kind of slouchy. I want to be able to toss all my junk in it and throw it on my back. BOOTS! If you follow me on Instagram (@tinyintoronto), I’ve been thinking about boots a heck of a lot lately. Spring and Summer are coming, and then eventually Fall.. and I want the perfect pair of boots for all of those seasons! Does a pair exist? I know they have to be a neutral shade. I don’t know what style though. I’ve researched many different kinds of boots, like the boots that are popular and worn a lot. I haven’t really come to any conclusion yet. So if you guys have any boot suggestions, let me know in the comment box below! The last two items are little things. I’m kind of loving the ‘your nails but better’ shades of nailpolish. One that I’m surprised I don’t have is Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’. It’s a classic!! I’ve also just recently treated myself to a Pandora ring. This is a long story but the gist of it is that my fingers are the smallest fingers of life. I have baby fingers. I can never find nice cheap rings that fit me anywhere! So I checked Pandora with the little bit of hope that I had left and I actually discovered a place that carries my size! So I bought one, and now I want to fulfill all my ring dreams.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s current cravings!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

– A xox

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