Feelin’ Thrifty


Hey! I’m back with a new post!! Today I’ll be sharing with you my first second-hand purchases. I went thrift shopping!!!! Is it weird that I found it so exciting? I went to a few thrift stores downtown Toronto, on Queen St. W, and found a few things I’m quite proud of haha. There’s only three items, but I wanted to show you them before any future outfit posts! I don’t know why, I just think these babies deserved it. For my first time thrift shopping, I’d say I did okay.. or am I a total noob? Don’t tell me, cause I’d be crushed! Anyways, here are my finds!

Aviary Photo_130623154061666363

My first find was this scarf. Lately I’ve been seeing this trend where people are wearing these tapestry-looking scarves and I became interested. I mean, its definitely not a trend I’d fully invest in. So I found this scarf for $3 at a Salvation Army Thrift Store! Am I good, or am I good?!

Aviary Photo_130623152791672534

Aviary Photo_130623153180419084

My second find was this old band t-shirt. It’s a Nirvana t-shirt. Yes, I don’t really listen to them but I like the look. I know, it’s shameful. It’s in a size XL, so I’m probably going to wear as a dress! It was $10!

Aviary Photo_130623151905418842

Aviary Photo_130623152385880017

My last find was this vintage skirt AND I LOVE IT!! I paid $20, which isn’t very cheap, but it’s like the perfect fit for me. I have always wanted a midi/maxi skirt but because I’m so vertically challenged, everything usually drags on the floor. So when I found this little treasure that fit my waist, didn’t drag on the ground, AND was vintage, I couldn’t say no!! I can’t wait to style this piece and show it to you all!

So there you have it, my very first thrift finds. I enjoyed the experience so much that I can promise you I will be sharing more finds in the future. Hope you guys are having a happy December so far!

– A

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